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Here you can see all our Services on one Spot. If you have Questions, don’t hesitate, to contact us.

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What is TecHilfe?

Tec-Hilfe is a Platform, where your technical Questions are solved, by technical Experts from MansteinTec.

Why do we need TecHilfe?

Tec-Hilfe was originaly founded for our Grandparents. But over the Time, the Inerest by the Rest of the Family grew. That’s why, we now serve the hall Family.

What do we know?

Our Experts are together pretty good, in what they do. You can ask them, wherever you need help.

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What is VM-Referate?

VM-Referate is a Platform, where all Mansteins can upload their Presentations. After this, thei can download it from whereever they want. As a Teacher or Student, you can watch the Presentation with a password again, if you are interested in the Topic.

Why do we need VM-Referate?

The Website „VM-Referate“ is there to upload and download Presentations

How do i get the Password?

The Password will be given to you by the Author.

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Please note, that the Service MansteinTec Server is going to get offline. This Service will not be existing in Future.

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